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1How I wish every family _______ a large house with a beautiful garden!

A.has B.had C.will have D.had had

2He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he _______ a goal.

A.had scored B.scored C.would score D.would have scored

3What would have happened _______, as far as the river bank.

A.Bob had walked farther B.if Bob should walk farther

C.had Bob walked fartherD.if Bob walked farther



1Look at the trouble I am in! If only I _______ your advice.

A.followed B.would follow

C.had followed D.should follow

2It is hard for me to imagine what I would be doing today if I _______ in love, at the age of seven, with the Melinda Cox Library in my hometown.

A.wouldn't have fallen B.had not fallen

C.should fall D.were to fall

3_______ be sent to work there

A.Who do you suggest B.Who do you suggest that should

C.Do you suggest who should D.Do you suggest whom should



1Mr. Crossett will never forget the days ____ he spent with his various students.

A.when B.which C.during which D.on which

2This is just the place ____ I am longing to visit these years.

A.that B.where C.in which D.to where

3It's the third time ____ late this month.

A.that you arrive B.when you arrived

C.that you've arrived D.when you've arrived

4Antarctic ____ we know very little is covered with thick ice all the year round.

A.which B.where C.that D.about which

5He has lost the key to the drawer ____ the papers are kept.

A.where B.in which C.under which .which



1Each time ____ they met they would talked long hours together.

A.which B.during C.when D.

2____, the compass was first made in China.

A.It is known to all B.It is known that

C.We know allD.As is known to all

3He must be from Africa, ____ can be seen from his skin.

A.that B.as C.who D.what

4Please lend us ____ tool as was used the other day.

A.same B.as C.the same D.that

5The Second World War ____ millions of people were killed ended in 1945.

A.when B.during that C.in which D.which



1Didn't you see the man ____ ?

A.I nodded just now B.whom I nodded just now

C.I nodded to him just now D.I nodded to just now

2The radio set ____ has gone wrong.

A.I bought it last week B.which I bought it last week

C.I bought last week D.what I bought last week

3Have you seen the girl ____ ?

A.that I told B.I told you of

C.whom I told you D.I told you of him

4Who ____ has common sense will do such a thing?

A.which B.who C.whom D.that

5I'll tell you ____ he told me last week.

A.all which B.all what C.that all D.all



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