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46.Carl: Sorry I'm late. How is it going?

Allan: Sit down. I saved a seat for you. You've missed the most exciting part.

Carl: Really? ____________________

A. What's the score now?

B. What is the rate now?

C. How many marks are there now?

D. What about the comparison now?

47.Alan: I have an appointment with Mr. Brown.

Receptionist: Mr. Brown is expecting you now. ____________

A. Go this road, please.

B. Follow this direction, please.

C. Come this way, please.

D. Move here, please.

48.Roger: Richard, I got fired this morning. Could you help me?

Richard: How come? Last time I saw you, you told me it was a good job and you would like to take it as a career.

Roger: ________________ In a word, I didn't do a good job of it. I messed up a business deal that would make severalmillion dollars.

A. I have many words to say.

B. There is much to discuss.

C. It's a long-time talk.

D. It's a long story.

49.Mr. Anderson: Congratulations, Mr. Longfellow. It's a magnificent hotel.

Mr. Longfellow: Thank you. I'll certainly give you a discount if…

Miss Ellen: Excuse me, Mr. Longfellow. May I have a word with you?

Mr. Longfellow to Mr. Anderson ___________

A. I have to leave.

B. Sorry to leave you.

C. Excuse me.

D. Goodbye.

50.Sarah: It is a grand wedding, isn't it?

David: It sure is. Oh, here comes the bridegroom. ____________________

Bridegroom: Thank you. Enjoy yourself.

A. Glad to see you, Jack.

B. Wish you all good, Jack.

C. Congratulations, Jack.

D. Give you prayers, Jack.






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